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Euroquip-SKF Lincoln grease lubrication systems

Automatic lubrication systems


Sophisticated lubrication management is critical for any industry. By working with the right lubricants and the correct intervals for lubrication, you can maximize the performance of your valuable investment and significantly extend its life. By using top SKF Lincoln products, you bring 300 years of knowledge, development and experience into your home. Count on everything running smoothly!

Customization & operational reliability
That’s what you can expect from a Euroquip SKF Lincoln lubrication system. From delivery to installation, we take care of everything to perfection. You can always contact us for aftercare and maintenance as well. Increase your employees’ productivityk, safety and comfort by choosing an automatic lubrication system from Euroquip.

Pure optimization
Stop wasting time manually lubricating your equipment. Besides being time-consuming, this is often downright inefficient – are you sure you are using the same amounts of lubricant each time and respecting the desired intervals? With a Euroquip installation, you eliminate these concerns immediately. Your machines thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fittings and piping can I connect to an SSV manifold?2023-06-13T09:00:37+00:00

How does an SSV distributor work?2023-06-13T08:59:39+00:00

We show you that in the video below (English):

Why do we recommend type 2 fat?2023-06-13T08:56:29+00:00

The Type 2 central automatic grease lubrication system offered by Euroquip is a progressive installation. From a centrally located multi-line pump, the various lubrication groups are each progressively lubricated individually.


The lubricant passes through each pump outlet and main line to the main distributor, which dispenses the lubricant precisely metered to a secondary distributor or directly to the friction points. Distributing the lubricant is done in a progressive manner, that is, point by point. The possibility of skipping 1 of the lubrication points is impossible due to the progressive nature.

Each distributor has a well-defined number of outputs that always dispense a correctly measured amount of lubricant per work cycle. An arrangement in the manifold blocks allows us to give each lubrication point its correctly measured flow rate in the overall system.

EP 2 bold

The lubrication system offered by Euroquip is a system specially designed for class “2” grease. All brands of grease can be used if they meet the NLGI “2” grease class. The grease used and recommended by Euroquip is the so-called Eurolube heavy-duty grease of the NLGI “2” class. For the specification and special benefits of this heavy duty grease, please refer to the technical documentation, you can request it and compare it with the grease you are using.

What is the purpose of a High Pressure Switch2023-06-13T08:55:43+00:00

Electronic control of the pump with 2, 4 or 8-liter reservoir is by a built-in timer at 12 or 24 volts DC. Using this timer, the time interval between moments of lubrication can be set and adjusted afterwards. This regulation is done according to the intensity of use and the aggressiveness of the products to be processed.

High pressure switch

To guard the system against possible blockages, the high pressure switch is built in as a safeguard.

Blockage in the piping system

This special pressure relief valve will open in case of any blockage in the piping system or at any of the lubrication points., i.e. visual inspection for the operator is not excluded.

How does the progressive Euroquip grease distributor work?2023-06-13T08:54:32+00:00

In the progressive Euroquip distributor, the lubricant is first measured in the measuring chamber. During the next cycle, the precisely dosed amount of lubricant will be sent to the output.

Alarm signal

Important in operation is, that the outputs are supplied with lubricant 1 by 1. An alarm signal is obtained, when 1 of the outputs is blocked.
It should be noted, however, that the lubricant is fed to the point to be lubricated under full pump pressure (up to 350 bar).

Chromated progressive Euroquip distributor

The solid housing, the hardened steel parts, the close fits of the chromated surface make the progressive Euroquip distributor the most reliable way to distribute grease.

What piping does Euroquip use when installing a lubrication system?2023-06-13T08:54:06+00:00

Polyamide piping

Flexible polyamide piping is used for ordinary vehicles. These are high-pressure lines with a burst pressure of 600 bar.
The reason for the use of these plastic pipes is due to the fact that they are operated at high pressure and the vehicle also vibrates.

Advantages over steel pipe

A steel pipe, which is put under high pressure, and on top of that vibrates, proves to be unreliable in practice. In addition, the polyamide pipe has the advantage of being vibration-resistant, does not rust and thus requires no maintenance.

What the lubrication computer in a grease pump is for2023-06-13T08:53:23+00:00

Purpose lubrication computer in a grease pump

The lubrication computer with specially built-in lubrication micro chip aims to allow setting a working and break time according to the type of vehicle and operating conditions.

Location lubrication computer

The lubrication computer is built into the bottom of the pump.

Functions of the lubrication computer

Through this computer, break and work time can be easily adjusted to individual needs. One does not need special computer equipment to set the lubrication computer; this can be done by means of two rotary switches.

However, it may be necessary to give an additional lubrication cycle e.g. after a long standstill or when working in very extreme conditions. A push button is provided in the cabin for this purpose, which allows the pump to run an additional full working time.

Also built into this push button is an indicator light, which lights up when the pump is operating.

My lubrication system lubricates too much/too often!2023-06-14T09:34:36+00:00

This can be easily adjusted with the blue and red button on the lubrication computer. You can quickly adjust break and work time here.

Pause time (blue button)

Pause time : Choice of setting in hours
Precise adjustment is done with blue rotary switch

Working time (red button)

Working time : Choice of setting in minutes
Accurate adjustment is done with red rotary switch





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