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Euroquip-BMair positive pressure systems


Industrial pressure relief filter systems for clean and healthy cabin air.

Ensure the safety of you and your staff with Euroquip BMair positive pressure or filtration systems. These reliable positive pressure filter systems ensure clean and healthy cabin air. Euroquip has over 20 years of in-house experience in filtration of on- and off-road equipment. Thanks to this knowledge and expertise, we create a safe working environment within your company. BMair-Euroquip’s patented products ensure the effectiveness, continuity, safety and health of you and your people.

Patented filter technology
Choosing Euroquip-BMair is choosing a healthy working environment. BMair’s control system ensures that the cabin pressure differential remains above the 100 pascal threshold. In addition, it can measure hydrocarbons and pollution in the cabin.

We provide customization
Not all machines are prepared at construction for the installation of an overpressure system. This is no problem at all for Euroquip. Through the use of specially developed fitting pieces, we ensure that each installation is professional and correct. We also pay a lot of attention to sealing the cabins, as a result less air is needed to obtain the required pressure and the life of the filters will be significantly extended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Utility and operation of an overpressure system2023-06-13T09:07:40+00:00

What is the now of a pressure relief filter system from Euroquip-Freshfilter?

Overpressure filter systems from Euroquip-Freshfilter are used on earth-moving machinery or other mobile equipment to protect the operator from harmful substances and/or gases released during remediation, sorting halls or compost processing.

To prevent contaminated outside air from entering the cabin, an artificial (but relatively small) overpressure is created in the cabin so that all the air flows out through the remaining gaps. The air required for this overpressure is always passed through the filter system so that, depending on the filters installed, it is safeguarded from contaminants and hazardous substances in order to protect the operator.

European standards EN779, EN1822 and EN12941

Freshfilter supplies in accordance with the regulations compiled in the NEN4444, positive pressure systems and filters in accordance with the harmonized European standards EN779, EN1822 and EN12941. Our innovative and high-quality products, which we develop and manufacture in-house, guarantee a safe working environment for you and your staff.

When should I change my filters?2023-06-13T09:07:11+00:00

Replacing the filters

According to European standards, filters should be changed between 9 and 13 weeks, depending on use and type of filter, to ensure the optimal operation of the positive pressure system.

Expertise of your contact

If you have questions about whether you replace the filters in time, or would like advice on this, you can always ask your contact person within Euroquip. We always do our best to help you further.

Filter ordering point

You can simply order the filters of your Euroquip-Freshfilter overpressure system from us. Our inventory is usually well replenished (subject to intermediate sales, of course) but we can guarantee fast delivery 99% of the time.

What types of filters exist for an overpressure system?2023-06-13T09:06:31+00:00

Coarse Filters

For the filtration of coarse dust particles, Freshfilter provides P1 and P2 fil-ters. These filters filter out particles larger than 4 microns with an efficiency of 50% to 90%, which are classified as F5 to F9 according to EN779. Also, in case only carbon filters are used in an application, it is advisable to put a P1 or P2 filter in front of it, as this will prevent premature clogging of the carbon filter by dust particles.

Absolute filters

In accordance with EN1822, Freshfilter produces H13 absolute filters (aka P3). Unlike coarse dust filters, these are tested individually for leak-tightness, and come with a test certificate. This shows how the filter has been tested and under what conditions.Harmful fine dusts such as asbestos and quartz dust are captured by a P3 filter, which is why this filter is often used in demolition projects. Because this filter is very sensitive to damage, it is always recommended to install a coarse dust filter (P1 or P2) in front of this filter. The coarser particles are thus pre-filtered and cannot damage and/or saturate the P3 filter.

Flushable dust filters

We also produce special H10 filters on request for the FFMultibox series. The filter grade of these is in between P2 and P3 filters. This special filter has a flushable medium with Teflon coating, for extremely dusty situations. In addition, the Teflon layer is also anti-static, even damp dust particles do not stick to the filter cloth. Combined with the self-cleaning properties of the FFMultibox, this ensures an unprecedented long service life!

Coarse Filters

Soil remediation often releases harmful gases and fumes, which can cause serious long-term damage to your respiratory system. We supply carbon filters for this application.Activated carbon (derived from peat, coal or coconut husk) has a huge surface area, and can therefore adsorb organic substances. Inorganic vapors are captured with special impregnated carbon. A chemical sub-stance is added to this activated carbon, to capture these vapors by chemsorption (rather than adsorption).EN12941 provides a clear classification for different che-mical substances and their ad/chemsorption requirement.

– A: Activated charcoal.
– B: Impregnated carbon for capture of inorganic vapors.
– E: Impregnated for capture of acids
– K: Impregnated for capture of ammonia compounds

Of course, we can also supply carbon filters that contain multiple chemical substances, such as ABEK carbon filters.Through our years of experience in the field of carbon, we can provide perfect advice with the carbon to be used; because every situation is different, we alone carry over 25 different types of (impregnated) carbon, each with a specific application! Each type is in stock and can therefore be delivered quickly. Freshfilter fills carbon filters as the only manufacturer of overpressure filters under tremendous pressure, putting in over 10% more carbon compared to filters from other brands.

Where have the Multibox, FFTube and FFM10 gone?2023-06-13T09:05:39+00:00

The Euroquip-Freshfilter positive pressure systems recently underwent a facelift. The quality is at least the same (but believe us, it’s just even better!). To avoid misunderstandings, we are trying to clarify the new designations here:

FF Multibox = F40

The Freshfilter F40 system (formerly FF Multibox) is a high-end filtration system for all types of machines. The unique design with all possible filter combinations makes the F40 the perfect system in any situation.

FF Tube = F20

At only 350 mm in diameter, Freshfilter’s F20 (formerly FF Tube) is the most compact pressure relief filter system available on the market.

FFM10 = F33R

The Freshfilter F33R (formerly FFM10) is a universal pressure relief filter system for trucks and roof mounts on (compact) excavators. The system is commonly used on trucks, which can be mounted in the roof hatch with a brand-specific adapter.

In addition, we can also supply the following variants: F33 and F40R.

What services do you offer for positive pressure systems?2023-06-13T09:03:43+00:00

We always offer (including with our lubrication systems, fuel systems and weighing systems) advice, service and support from A to Z.

Filter advice

It is often up to the client and/or safety expert to figure out which filters should be placed. This creates ambiguity in many cases. Of course we try to keep this as transparent as possible, with us you can request a free filter guide, showing the most common substances.

Mounting aid

We can also install the filter overpressure system, including sealing the cabin. The importance of a properly sealed cab is often underestimated; with our own mechanics, we can always handle the complete process from delivery to erection and inspection.

Filter placement and drainage

Because of the different types of contaminants, it is important to know what you are doing when changing filters. Euroquip can take care of filter replacement for you, as well as disposal of the used filters (hazardous waste).


In addition to installing replacement filters, Euroquip also has attractive rates for total maintenance of your pressure relief filter systems. As a result, you are always guaranteed a perfectly working system, incl. a valid inspection, digitally retrievable logbook, proper filter drainage and installation service, exactly when it is needed.

What indicators does an overpressure system have?2023-06-13T09:02:57+00:00

What indicators does an overpressure system have?

– There is a green indicator present that can be seen from the workplace whether the pressure relief system is in use and filters are fitted.
– If hydrocarbon detection equipment is available (mandatory when carbon filters are used), it provides an alarm above the 5PPM limit.
– A device is provided that displays the current differential pressure, and gives an optical and audible signal if it exceeds the limit values.

Additional functions of the Freshfilter F3000 controller

Up to three different types of filters can be recognized and displayed on the control panel. Cabin pressure and any alarms can also be read at all times on the F3000. With four simple buttons, the F3000 can be controlled as desired by the operator.

Display with a hydrocarbon meter is optional. The HC value can be displayed on the LED screen. An alarm sounds when the value exceeds 5 PPM (even if the HC is not displayed on the screen). This HC module can also be integrated into the F3000 at a later date.

With the simple cable connection, you benefit from the ultimate preparation. All pressure relief filter systems and controllers have the same connection, so everything can be interchanged with each other. Also, Freshfilter can make the F3000 work on other manufacturers’ machines on request.

Automatic mode

In automatic mode, the controller ensures that the cabin overpressure is at least 100PA. If there is too much or too little pressure in the cab, a visual and audible alarm is audible so that the operator is immediately alerted to potential dangers.

How do you guarantee filter quality?2023-06-13T09:02:10+00:00

Series and lot number

Through our automated system, we can always digitally retrieve the correct lot number (carbon) or piece test (H13) based on the serial number on the filter. The history of a carbon filter, for example, can thus be traced back to coconut husks or coal mines!

Accurate production of filters

Using a kerosene test, EN1822 filters are checked for leaks on a test bench on a piece-by-piece basis.

Any small hole in either the bonding of the filter or the filter cloth leaves a visible plume of smoke that allows the tester to see if the filter should be rejected (and destroyed).





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