You are powered by EV-quip

You may take that literally, EV-quip – sister company of Euroquip – has dedicated itself specifically to the ever-growing demand for charging solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. With sales of electric and hybrid cars clearly on the rise, there is a need to find a sustainable, flexible solution for owners of these cars.

Why install a permanent solution that 1) is comparatively more expensive, 2) marring your facade and 3) cannot be taken with you when you are on the road? Or what were you planning to do when you move? You don’t take a wallbox or fixed charging solution lightly! Fortunately, EV-quip has the solution for you!

EV Quip offers solution for mobile electric charging of EVs and hybrid cars

NRGkick, which is the solution to all these problems. An extremely safe (tested and certified), durable (tested in various conditions) and practical (plug and play – disconnect and go) solution to charge your vehicle anywhere (really anywhere). The NRGkick’s portability and power, combined with its superior hardware, leaves any alternative far behind.

The availability of a wide range of adapters (Smart Attachments) means you can use the NRGkick anywhere – at home, at work, on the road – in short, anywhere!