High quality hand tools for a variety of purposes

Euroquip has a wide range of hand tools. Some of this selection: pumps, guns, reels, snow chains, nut tensioners…. In short: everything you need to answer any technical challenge. Even with our hand tools, only the best is good enough! Therefore, we work with the well-known Lincoln and Ecodora quality products. Looking for a specific product? Ask for it!

SKF Lincoln hand tools

The most popular hand tools come from the Powerluber family. Its user-friendly and ergonomic design combined with its low weight make this Lincoln Powerluber a success for the high-demand lubricator.
With a maximum pressure of 551 bar, lubrication becomes much easier. Applicable to all industries.
In addition, Euroquip also carries all kinds of scissor grease guns and grease guns from SKF Lincoln, more info in the brochure below.

Reelcraft Hose, Cord and cable reels

Euroquip is master distributor of Reelcraft Industrial hose and cable reels. These products are frequently mounted on tankers For example hand or motor driven hose reels For larger diameter and lengths of hose. But also the spring driven earthing reels with or without ATEX approval.

Reelcraft manufactures the widest range of hose, cord, and cable reels. They’re known for our quality, which is built into every component of every reel.

It’s no wonder companies and hardworking people around the world have come to rely on Reelcraft reels to get the job done. For over fifty years, Reelcraft worked to make the reels stronger, more reliable, more durable, and easier to use. Reelcraft reels make work safer and easier—and that’s something we’re pretty proud of.

PILGRIM hydrocam

Bolted connections are the most commonly used connection systems in mechanics.

Today it is known that of all the different causes of failure (overload, design defects, manufacturing defects and others), improper assembly is the most common.

To ensure the optimal reliability of your bolted joints, it is essential to choose the right preload and find the right way to achieve that preload. The right solution is to tighten the bolts with a hydraulic bolt tensioner Based on its experience in hydraulic tightening, Pilgrim has developed a wide range of hydraulic bolt tensioners, both standard and customer-specific:

  • Standard bolt tensioners
  • Custom bolt tensioners
  • Special bolt tensioners
  • Load sensor rings

A standard HYDROCAM® bolt tensioner has a hydraulic body that uses a hydraulic fluid to apply a strong tractive force to the bolt through the bracket screwed onto that bolt. The body also rests on the skirt to exert reaction force on the assembly being tightened.

Ecodora industrial hose reels

Italy’s Ecodora manufactures a wide collection of industrial hose reels. Thanks to these innovative reels, your hoses no longer swing on the ground. The matching hoses are both efficient and user-friendly. Ecodora’s hose reels ensure a tidy business hall.

Moreover, reels prevent the hoses from twisting, making them last longer and preventing leaks in the hoses. A sustainable solution!

Rotogrip automatic lubricating chains
Activate your snow chains with 1 push of a button! The chains can be easily engaged while driving.
  • Chain bundles with preloaded springs lay the chain strands like a carpet under the tire.
  • The flexible, preloaded springs make chain driving smoother – which is convenient for both the system and the tires
  • Chains are effective at speeds lower than walking speed
  • The profile of the friction ring is specially designed to reduce freezing
  • Wear parts are easy to replace
  • Chain wheels with chain links with square cross section


  • Road Transport
  • Supply and distribution vehicles
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Fire Trucks
  • Vehicles carrying dangerous goods
  • Rescue vehicles
  • Buses, public transportation vehicles





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