To export data, there are 3 options:

The Vprint slip printer

High speed thermal printer – indestructible compared to a matrix printer.
The following information is printed: company name, product name, load ID, weigh receipt number, date-time, weight.

Exporting the data to USB flash drive

On VEI units, there is a USB port on the front that allows the data to be read to a USB stick). The DLogger memory stick can be used to store the weighing data, which can then be loaded into the ipot Litepc software. a simple solution that you can keep in your pocket and always keep your business up-to-date.

Synchronizing to the cloud via IPOTWEB

Ipot is a cloud service offered by VEI that allows you to instantly upload and share data with your office staff. The manufacturer describes the system as follows: cargo data analysis software. Whether you use the USB ikey or wireless communication, all data is stored in one main database. from ipot, data can be exported to billing software; various reports can be created. ipot allows automatic printing directly from your loader to the office laser printer.