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Industrial cab air quality system

For clean and healthy cabin air.

Guarantee the safety of yourself and your staff with the Euroquip Freshfilter cab air filtration products. These reliable cab air quality system ensure clean and healthy cabin air. Euroquip has over 20 years of experience in filtration of on- and off-road equipment. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we create a safe working environment within your company. The patented products of Freshfilter-Euroquip guarantee the effectiveness, continuity, safety and health of yourself and your people.

Patented filtration technology

Choosing Euroquip Freshfilter is choosing a healthy working environment. Freshfilter's control system ensures that the pressure difference in the cabin remains above the threshold of 100 pascals. In addition, it can measure the hydrocarbons and contamination in the cabin.

We provide customised solutions

Not all machines are prepared for the installation of a cab air system. That is no problem for Euroquip. By using specially developed adapters we ensure that every assembly is done professionally and correct. We also pay a lot of attention to the sealing of the cabins, therefore less air is needed to obtain the required pressure and the life span of the filters will be considerably extended.

Applicable within various sectors.

The Euroquip Freshfilter systems are applicable everywhere - contact us today to discuss the possibilities!

Euroquip installs the following filter systems:

We offer a suitable cab air filter systems for every application or sector.
F40 / Multibox  - Het meest gebruikte overdruk- systeem op graafmachines, ...

F40 / Multibox

The most commonly used overpressure system on excavators,...
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F33R / FFM10 overdruksysteem Euroquip Freshfilter


Designed for mounting on all your equipment, for all types of trucks.
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F20 /  Tube  -  Een compact overdrukfiltersysteem dat altijd op de juiste manier gemonteerd kan worden.


A compact cab air filtration system that can always be fitted correctly.
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Overdruksysteem Multibox op een Doosan DX340LC bij Semat Interparts

Cab air quality systems installed by Euroquip:

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