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With a diameter of only 350 mm, the F20 from Euroquip Freshfilter is the most compact pressure relief filter system available on the market.

The filters of the F20 have a considerably longer life span than traditional positive pressure filter systems. The ambient air is drawn in against the force of gravity. Due to vibrations and movements of the machine, coarse dust particles can escape from the filter.

Due to the round shape of the P1/P3(H13) dust filter, incorrect placement of the filter is a thing of the past. The radial fan ensures even 360° air distribution over the entire filter medium. Not only does this ensure that the full filter surface is utilised, it also makes the system quieter.

It is important to combine the right filter elements for each application. The compact F20 has room for a 3.5 kg active carbon filter. In the case of a high concentration of pollutants (dusts and toxic fumes), the F20 compact can be extended with a higher hood. This allows a raised P1 / P3(H13) dust filter and up to 10 kg of activated carbon filter to be installed.

The F20 is fully automatically controlled by the control panel in the cabin. For this purpose Freshfilter has a wide range, from a standard version to a deluxe version with online monitoring, with the possibility to measure various types of gases.