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F40 / Multibox

F40 / Multibox

The Euroquip Freshfilter F40 system is a high-end Cab Air Quality System for all types of machinery. The unique design combines all levels of filtration, making the F40 the ideal system for any environment.

The F40 and all its accessories are constructed of durable, long-lasting stainless steel and are powder-coated for a quality appearance. The 100mm air outlet creates smooth air flow and limits air flow noise. The F40 is designed for high durability, low noise, and superb filtration capacity.

The F40 unit is designed for efficient filtration of ambient air, using the open-bottom design and anti-gravitational air-draw to allow for efficient operation and increased filter life. Course dirt particles are removed naturally by gravity with the flow of air up and into the unit.

The conveniently designed open top and bottom of the F40 makes it simple and easy to change out the filters. This accessible space has ample room for three filters, as well as an activated carbon filter if necessary. When installed, the filters are automatically detected by sensors within the unit making each installation simple and user friendly.

The in-cab controller is designed to be user friendly and simple to understand. It automatically regulates and monitors cabin pressure, activating alarms if necessary to protect the operator.