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We sorted out our stock!

We sorted out our stock!

We have not been idle at Euroquip over the past Christmas period! All our products have been given a new place in our warehouse in Het Noorderlicht Pelt. The lubrication pumps, couplings and all kinds of accessories for our automatic lubrication systems are nicely sorted in the fully automatic Kardex system and the big pieces such as the SKF-Lincoln P203 pump and its bigger and smaller brothers are shining in the newly installed racks.


The same story applies, of course, to our Freshfilter overpressure systems such as the F20 (the former Tube) and the F40 (Multibox), which now sit nicely alongside the ABEK (active carbon filter) and P1 / P3 dust filters.


We found out that it was serious work and that some boxes weighed a lot, but if you want to know exactly what you are loading with your excavator or crane, you should use a Helper X, a Helper XE or a VEI Millennium weighing system. Quick to forget? Combine it with a printer and print out the data, directly in the cabin! 


After a week of work, our tank was empty, but we found that we still have a large number of Gespasa fuel pumps in stock (and all the parts to connect them) so if, like us, you regularly need to fill up, we have good news for you.


In addition, the hand tools, including the Powerluber and scissor grease sprayers, are nicely displayed together. We left the barrels of EP2 grease and oils where they were, but we counted them and there are plenty - so are you looking for any of the above? Call us and Euroquip will come your way!

In other news ...