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Oprichting EV-quip

Oprichting EV-quip

EV-quip is launching the NRGkick, a mobile charging station for charging electric cars in a fast, safe and user-friendly way at the customer's home and/or office. The NRGkick is the answer to the limited number of charging stations in our country.

The NRGkick was presented at the 2018 Motor Show. "I still remember our small and very busy stand in the entrance hall" says Stephan Vandebeeck, manager of EV-quip. "A good two years later, the Belgian market is ready for our product. The number of manufacturers that focus on electric cars has increased enormously. That is not the case for charging stations, which are particularly scarce in rural areas. Installing a charging station at home is extremely expensive. With the NRGkick, we offer a fully-fledged alternative: a cable with a built-in charging station that you can simply plug into a power point, connect to the car and it will start charging. The speed of the charging process depends on the consumer's electricity network and whether it can charge in one, two or three phases. On the other hand, it also depends on what the car allows for charging. With a Tesla, you can charge up to 22 kilowatts, with other brands it's less."

In order to provide the best possible service to customers, EV-quip was set up. "EV-quip is a subsidiary of Euroquip, our company that specialises in industrial machines" says Stephan Vandebeeck. "Because we reach a different audience with the NRGkick, we founded EV-quip. When customers contact us, they will in future be addressed by personnel specially trained to answer questions, give technical explanations on purchases and solve any problems. That is the way it should be, because we distribute this product exclusively in the Benelux.

The fuel card of the future

Using the NRGkick has nothing but advantages. The owner of an electric car does not have to worry about a charging station, because it can be done at home via the cable. A large investment is therefore not necessary. The number of charging phases and the capacity of the battery are automatically adjusted to each other by the cable. Moreover, the system is waterproof, so it can be used in all weather conditions. "An important advantage for the owner is that all results can be read out. An employee with an electric company car can show his employer exactly how much power he/she has recharged and can then receive compensation. Compare it to a classic fuel card where the employer immediately gets an overview of how much fuel is used. This is a similar system, the fuel card of the future so to speak. Via an app on the smartphone, the charging process can be followed,' concludes Stephan Vandebeeck.

The NRGkick is available in two versions: 16 and 32 ampere. The price fluctuates between €1000 and €1500, depending on the number of adapters supplied and whether or not the customer wants an automatic readout.

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